Sunday, May 8, 2011

Prom 2011

My son went to his first prom. He took a date and went with several friends.  The prom started with picture taking in a local park. Then nine couples met a friend's house for dinner cooked by several of the parents.  The home was decorated for the dinner.  From what my son told me, everybody had an enjoyable time.  Unfortunately, I did not get any leftover food, but it sure sounded delicious.

As I took photos of my son in his tux (see photo), it occurred to me that he was not the little boy I see, but a young man with so much potential. The world should welcome him and all the other teenagers about to enter a new phase.  These kids have unique and varied skills. What surprises me is the confidence he and his friends demonstrate.  My son chose to take harder courses in high school and he studies. We discuss his AP History notes and readings. I am so proud of his insights and analysis.  You may have read comments like this before.

We think of milestones in terms of events (birth, marriage, kids, first job, driver license, graduating, etc.). I doubt most people think of prom. However, when you see your son in a tux and he is almost as tall as you, it becomes a haze. In that haze is the little boy I would play Stars Wars and Thomas the Tank Engine with, and a young man with original thoughts and soon to be ready for a new chapter in his life.

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