Sunday, October 14, 2012

You Never Know How Much You Miss Something Until…

If you have been reading my blog (and I thank both of you), you know I recently had a bicycle accident. I went over the bars and had to have seven stitches above my right eyebrow.  I also fractured my right elbow.  No, I did not have a cast, but was in a sling for three and half weeks.  Most of my mobility has returned.  But, for three weeks I had to learn to do a lot with my left hand.  That is another blog.
October 12, 2012 is a very special day for me.  My orthopedic doctor cleared me for physical activity.  I cannot ride a bicycle yet (jolting of the elbow) but I can run.   That was a big relief. I eagerly anticipated running when I got off work.
We are experiencing a cold front on October 12th.  But I did not care. I got home, changed into running clothes and headed to Signal Park in Manassas Park.  It is one of my favorite running places. But my first preference is the Manassas National Battlefield Park, the trails are the best.  So is the Conway Robinson Memorial State Forest. Of course I digress.
After some stretching, I started in my usual place.  It was a gorgeous afternoon, the sun was going down and the air was crisp.  A slight breeze would make the leaves gently rustle.  It was not my best run, but it was not my worst either.  It was exhilarating and energizing.  Breathing in the air and hearing the sound of my shoes on a trail.  Great way to end the weekend.   Much to my surprise, the park still had a number of people enjoying the soccer field and pathways. A cross country team from a local high school was practicing distance and running sprints.
Since October 12th I have run every day in Signal Park. Again, not my best runs. However, I know it is a journey to build up my stamina again.
Most importantly, I could let my mind wander and enjoy the beauty of the park.  No distractions. No interruptions. For me running and bicycling are the down time for my mind and rejuvenation my body.   I do uninhibited thinking and physically feel better.  For over three weeks, I sure missed it.  Best of all, in three to four weeks I will get to start riding my bike again. 

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