Wednesday, October 17, 2012

First Look in Your Own Backyard

This is an article I read in Bloomberg BusinessWeek.   Innovation is definitely in, we read, watch, think and try to implement it.  You hear so many talking heads and consultants promise to deliver innovation to you. 
The thrust of this article suggests you look at your front line employees.  In some cases you may find the best ideas to innovate come from these people.  It makes sense. 
As pointed out in the article, so many CEOs say employees are our most valued asset.  Or something to that degree.  If so, trust them.  Ask them.  Solicit them. Nudge them.  Listen to them.   You may find a few great ideas that are innovative and lead to major strides in productivity.  And it may not cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to get the idea.
The examples are excellent. All three of the company executive team certainly trust their employees.  That is a key to the success. And the concept applies across almost every industry.
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