Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Forgotten Joy of Reading a Physical Newspaper

When I was in Midland during Christmas I picked up a forgotten joy. 

First, some background.  We live in a world of increased electronic devices. You know what I mean.  We read newspapers and books on iPads and Kindles, laptops or smart phones.  It is so convenient, easy and you get far more frequent updates.  Plus, you do not get ink on your hands, unlike handling news print.

Well, every morning my parents got a Wall Street Journal and the Midland Reporter Telegram. I could go in their bedroom and log on to read the news.  But I wanted to spend time with them.  So, I read the newspapers at the breakfast table with them. Now you must know that I have not touched a printed paper in years.  My news consumption was entirely electronic. 

Much to my surprise, I missed reading an actual paper for a couple of reasons.  You remember the sound of a paper rustling when you turn the page.  Or reading an article and saying something like hey dad read this.  Then handing him that section of the paper and perhaps keep reading other sections.  Or you can watch the person reading the paper. And then ask a question or offer an insightful comment.  You cannot do that with a Kindle or iPad. 

It is just an example of sharing a simple experience.  That was fun. 

Now I am back home.  We get the Wall Street Journal at the office in paper and electronic versions.  Before Christmas I would not pick up the paper version. Now, it is the first item on my agenda, even if I scan the headlines.  Yes, I still love hearing the paper rustle when I turn a page or fold it in half. And yes, I will take part of the paper to a collegue and show them a section that might be of interest. Could I email the article? Sure, but why?

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