Sunday, January 22, 2012

And It Is Your Concern Because?

It is simply not your concern.

The reason for this post? I was really disturbed during the last GOP debate. It annoyed me to no end of the criticism Gov. Romney received for not releasing his tax returns. 

Think about that.  Why do we need to see a candidate's tax return or for that matter health records.  Tax returns and health care records are confidential.  And should continue to be treated as so. 

I know candidates have been releasing their tax returns for decades.  It is probably a defensive move.  But no one has ever given me a reason and I have never read in an article or column why we should have access to these confidential records.

I contend it is none of our business.  We will not learn much,if anything.  If a candidate wants to release their tax return, then do so. But we should not pressure others to follow suit. Or infer ridiculous conclusions if a candidate chooses not to.

Candidates and people work hard to earn their income and build wealth, so why do I deserve to know? Answer, I don't. Equally important, who am I to judge another individual's tax return? Answer, I am not qualified.  In case you are wondering, your answers should be the same. 

Perhaps we should look at this issue another way.  Do you know anyone who voted for or against any candidate because of their tax return?  I do not.  However, if you do, run away from that person.  That individual must not know any of the candidate's positions on issues.  Frankly, that is a weak reason to vote against someone.

This whole issue makes me think about the slippery slope concept. What will be the next request for confidential records?  And the next? And the next? We must ask why should we and the media have access to a candidate's confidential information.  Then ask when does it stop? I say today.

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