Sunday, March 18, 2012

What We Take for Granted

Today I took the DC Metro into the downtown to see the Cherry Blossoms on the Mall and around the Tidal Basin.  

About half way I stopped to enjoy the scenery and read my Kindle. I was reading Bloomberg BusinessWeek. The article was titled "China May Finally Let Its People Move More Freely."  The article reviews how hard it is for Chinese families to leave the cities or towns where they are registered.  You see if a family does, it loses education and health care benefits.  I may have known that, but I did not remember.  I do not do the article justice, the Chinese leadership had valid reasons for imposing these rules.  Often I must remember that the Chinese way is different and it works on so many levels. It is up to me to see how they are different and why.  Understanding and appreciating the uniqueness is key, at least to me.  Link to the article:

It did make me think.  That is so contrary to the U.S. We live where ever we want to, we do not carry any papers to move from one city or state to another.  The U.S. is a mobile society.  Frankly, I am not sure U.S. citizens would tolerate any action for a government entity that dictates where we live and connects it to benefits we pay for through taxes.  

My first paragraph was about going into DC and seeing the Cherry Blossoms. I took over 60 pictures. These are a couple of my favorites.  

By the way, no one asked me for any identification as I traveled from Prince William County, VA to Washington, DC. 

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