Sunday, March 25, 2012

Running on One of My Favorite Trails

Several of my posts have been about the joy of running.  I took it up last year after a several year hiatus.  One unanticipated benefit of living in Prince William County, VA is the numerous hiking and running trails within a 15 minute drive. 

Running is good for me in so many ways, several outlined in previous posts.  So I will not elaborate in this post.  Today I walked part of my favorite trail and took pics. You read my posts, I thought you might like to see the trail. It is the blue trail at the Manassas Battlefield Park.  Now keep in mind it is not at its most stunning, that will happen in a couple of months.  Frequently I can hear squirrels running close by, often I have seen deer, heard numerous birds and woodpeckers.  As you know, I do not listen to music, the sounds of nature are more entertaining. The pics follow.

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