Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Very Special Brunch

Today was very special for me. I got to see my cousin, we grew up together in Midland, Texas.  She has lived on the East Coast since graduating from college and is a very successful and respected journalist.

I have not seen her in a long time.  She had her daughter and son with her. Her son is one (or as she tells me, 15 months) and I have never met him.

It was so enjoyable to see her interacting with her kids and watching them at the restaurant.  The restaurant was the Silver Diner and the food was excellent.

As usual, I digress.  Watching her kids really brought back memories of going out to eat with my kids when they were that age.  You do not finish your meal, you are constantly interrupted, you continually pick up utensils and other items dropped on the floor.  You NEVER have enough napkins. The food cannot come soon enough, and then they do not really eat. In fact, you are fortunate if the kids eat half the food. Be assured, whatever is on your plate looks better than what is on theirs, and they are always reaching for it. The seats are uncomfortable. They want to walk around to other tables (my son was notorious for that). The kids grab everything in sight. Examples include all silverware within reach, any bottle, salt and pepper shaker, (you get the idea). 

My cousin’s kids were pretty well behaved. So do not think what I wrote applies to them, it is meant to be a comprehensive list.

She sat with one kid to her right and one to her left.  I was next to her daughter.  When we finished her table with her kids was pretty clear. It did have paper cars, crayons and a drawing place mat. My table on the other hand, well let me just say I looked like the biggest hoarder and most selfish man in the restaurant. Every cup, plate, salt and pepper shaker, bottle of ketchup, etc. was in front of me. I used to see other adults like that and say to myself, "I know who you had brunch with." Experience really counts here.

Back to my cousin. She looked great and really handled every challenge with grace and humor.  Of course we were able to talk and I think she is doing great.  I think I will see her more often; she only lives 6 hours away from me. Take in mind 6 hours if traffic is kind. Whatever the time, it will be worth the drive.

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