Sunday, September 30, 2012


If you read my blog, you know I had a bicycle accident.  Due to the graphic nature of the fall, I will not go into detail. A brief summary, I skinned my nose and chin pretty severely.  I skinned one knee. And I had seven stitches sewn on my forehead.  Oddly enough, I did not hurt my hands, the scrapes were minor. 
I think I hit a hole in the pavement.  Key lesson – ride on bike paths, not on sidewalks.  Most importantly, I was not riding fast.
When I fell, several people showed up out of nowhere and immediately started to help.  One gave me a cloth. Two would not let me stand up, even though I thought I could.  The ambulance and fire truck were on the scene in a matter of minutes.  The fire truck stopped traffic and took my bike to the station.  It was my first time in an ambulance and I wanted to sit up front with the driver.  I could remember the home phone number, but no cell numbers (thanks speed dialing).  The medic in the ambulance was very patient and kind. He also had a very light touch.  He stayed with me throughout as I was rolled into a hospital room and then helped me clean up before my wife saw me.  I do not think it helped and after I saw myself in the mirror, nothing made a difference.
The medic asked me to retrace my steps.  I could not recall every minute. His conclusion was I must have been unconscious for a few minutes. Funny, I do not recall that.
I have a slightly crushed elbow, but did not require a cast. However, my arm is in a sling for at least three weeks.  My shoulder and elbow are stiff.  My biggest regret is I cannot bicycle or run.  Both of those are great stress relievers for me.  My plan was to run on weekdays and ride my bicycle on weekends.  I just started that regiment. 
For a long time, I did not enjoy exercising.  Over the past couple of years I enjoyed running on trails. Bicycling was a nice change.  As I wrote in an earlier post, the bike paths here are numerous and outstanding. 
I will get back to running and bicycling.  Just counting the days. 

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