Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Minor Changes Make a Big Difference

Usually I see two common traits in leaders.  This article that appeared in INC encompasses both.  The article is by Jeff Haden.
The crux of the article is about how leaders ask staff questions.  As I suspect you have, I too have experienced both. And I am sure you have too.
The first set of three questions should not be asked.  The author does a great job explaining each one and the consequences.  I would only add these are the type of questions an insecure leader or a "I am too busy to hear your thoughts, so let's get to the end" or as I like to call them - get to the end, because the means are irrelevant.  You see these leaders giving signs (either intentionally or not) that this session is over.   A more common example is the leader looking at his watch. 
What makes this sad is generally the leader actually thinks he is doing a great job, completely oblivious to other thoughts and analysis.  Or the leader is so insecure, he trembles at the thought of someone having a better option.
Now for the second part of the article.  These five questions are asked by leaders who think more of the staff and good of the organization than himself.
The leader who asks these type of questions is supremely self confident and demonstrates a clear respect for his team.  He knows good questions can lead to a robust discussion, which in turn may lead to the best possible solution.
So questions for you:
  1. Which leader would you prefer to work for?
  2. What type of leader are you or aspire to be?
  3. What type of questions do you ask (be honest)?
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