Sunday, November 16, 2014

Manufacturing in the U.S. - Points to Consider

Economic development is a rewarding and exciting profession.  It offers unique challenges in a unique and dynamic environment.  Most importantly, it continually gives opportunities to help entrepreneurs, emerging businesses and citizens.  We like to help solve problems. Sometimes our company executives face issues we are not immediately aware of.  This post highlights one.

This article appeared in Fortune Magazine by freelance writer Ms. Jennifer Alsever.  If you do not follow her twitter feed, I highly recommend it. The title of the article is “Smaller Businesses Struggle to Make It in the U.S.” Since it is about small manufacturers in the U.S., it is a clever play on words.  Ms. Alsever looks at the manufacturing renaissance in the country.  Her main point is numerous small manufacturers want to produce more in the U.S. but have trouble sourcing key parts.

This is indicative of the decline of manufacturing in the U.S. over the past decade and half. Just consider this, since 2014, over 63,000 factories have closed.  The impact is far reaching.  Consider the skill sets lost and reduction in manufacturing oriented training courses. 

What can we do?  First, identify these firms.  Second, try to access databases that might help emerging manufacturers find sources of product. Third, work with technical and/or community colleges to offer training relevant to these firms.  An additional part of the third recommendation is to work with the emerging manufacturers in the area to build a critical mass of needed skill sets.

The link to Ms. Alsever’s article follows.

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