Monday, September 1, 2014

The Importance of Passion

First, congratulations to my daughter for earning a spot on the Osbourn Park High School Varsity Cheer squad.  She will be a Yellow Jacket cheerleader for another season and during her senior year. The first home game is this Friday.

All parents want to see their children succeed.  We want them to find their passion. Often times a parent's interests and passions are far different than our children.  It certainly is in my case.  Since I was uncoordinated as a teenager, my interest was more cerebral. That interest was debate. 

My son was interested in forensics and track. My daughter in dance and cheer. Both lettered in high school, my son in track and my daughter in cheer.  For that I am pleased and for several reasons. 

I always enjoyed attending a track meet where my son ran the 400, 4 x 4, or cross country and cheering him and the team.  My daughter's dance competitions and cheering at games were a thrill.  I tried to go to as many competitions and parent events as possible through the years. One benefit is watching my kids and their friends improve every year. That is a real reward. 

Their dedication to sports forced me to take an interest in several activities I would have not given much thought to. Now, I look for track meets and cheer competitions on the various sports channels.  Of course I follow with great interest the Summer Olympic track competitions. For that I am grateful.

Passion drives you to excel. For example, my daughter's tumbling, gymnastics and dance all helped her earn a position on the varsity cheer squad. She worked hard for several weeks.  And not only in school, but also at home.  

Equally, passion from one can also be instilled in others. Back in college I ran. I would not win any competitions, but I enjoyed it. For some reason I stopped.  After I dropped some weight and watched my son run in track meets, I decided to take up running again. A big benefit to living in Northern VA and Prince William County is the abundance of outstanding trails. At one point I was running 5 times a week.  After an injury I am working my way back. 

However, the most important point is my love of running was rekindled by my son's track experiences.  When we are all together, my son, my daughter and I start a run together, but never end together.  That is the power of passion.


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