Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Life is Beeps, Buzzes, Vibrations, Etc

My son was here from college.  One night the family was enjoying dinner when I realized how many beeps and buzzes go off. My kids' smart phones beep when they got a text, Twitter or Facebook notification, and vibrate when a phone call comes in. My wife's phone buzzes and beeps when she gets a Facebook notification, a text or an email, and her phone rings when someone calls her.  My personal phone beeps once when I get a text (I do not leave my 3G on all the time) or rings when I get a phone call. My business phone buzzes when I get an email or text and rings when I get a call. 

Well, you get the idea. All these notifications can be very distracting.  And depending on what else is going on, very annoying.  It is even worse when two or more have the same notification sounds.

It is almost comical.  Imagine the constant stream of sounds and noises.  You may experience it with your family. 

Now think about all the sounds we can have at dinner or when we are all in the same room. This does not include our landline. It grows exponentially when my kids have friends over. 

All in the name of connectivity.  So we are all so connected on our devices to a bigger world. Ye we are disconnected at the dinner table or in small interpersonal groups. In fact, when I go to meetings in our office, I do not take my cell phone or iPad in an effort to minimize distractions. 

Unfortunately I do not have an answer.  Except to say I do not think it will get any easier.

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