Sunday, December 30, 2012

Never Good News

This is the type of article you like to read.  A scandal is uncovered, people are punished and new standards are implemented.  It shows reporters and others are watching the people we trust.  For an example, see the following article from the Washington Post.
However, a dark side exists.  Sometimes a scandal hits a public agency , non-profit entity or other similar organizations.  The impact can be harsh. Board members get squeamish, and wonder if the same circumstances are in their organization. So administrative staff spend hours doing backfill work and justifications.  Is every “I” dotted and every” “t crossed?  We must be sure.  We must do our due diligence.  We must confirm that our due diligence accurate, timely, and follows accepted practices.
Now I can understand why, but it also reflects a lack of trust.   And faith.  Sometimes I think it is easier to assume the worst in people and not the best.  That is why these stories are often a double edge sword.  We cheer the exposure of illegal activities and wonder if any organization we are associated with are equally guilty.

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