Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thoughts on Social Media

Earlier this morning I was on LinkedIn (a social media network) reviewing group postings. One of the discussions I ran across was from a professional economic developer. He asked in addition to on-site company visits and websites, what else can a community do?

My revised response: social media can be an effective tool. It takes considerable time to connect with appropriate people, comment on discussions, and find/post relevant information. Social media can be used to help drive traffic to your website and is one of the few mediums that allow you to tell your story. Of course you must also get readers (followers). It occurs to me that you can use your website as a comprehensive resource for your clients and social media accounts as news feeds to your existing and potential clients.  Your social media accounts are unique in that people choose to connect to you.  As you know, an invitation is issued and accepted. This makes it truly unique.

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